You Are Wisdom

Dear sweet One,

how are you? Right now? Feeling grounded? Or swept away by all that is happening in your life and in the world? 

How can you access your light when so much darkness is all around you?

I read: “Wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate, but can only be acquired through experience.”

I do not agree with that. Do you?

You know why? Because I will dare to say right now: “You are wisdom!”

Certainly as you grow and experience life and learn a few lessons here and there, knowledge can turn into wisdom.

What if you are wise already? AND – sometimes you forget the language of your soul.

Turn to the heart more often. Touch her. Feel.

Feel your own preciousness. Feel the love that feeds this body with life.

When in doubt – tell yourself: I am Wisdom.


How does this feel?

Repeat it. to affirm it. often.



Say it again: I am Wisdom.


sending you tons of love, Joya

©Joya P. Gallasch/The Studio Inc.


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