I Love You – Magnificent Trees

Dear One,

‘A storm with rain is coming’ the weather forecast said yesterday. Initially hard to believe (we had such a dry spell in Northern California), it inspired me to inspire my partner and myself to pick up some firewood for our stove.

We drove to a special site: once a wonderful nature oasis with ancient beautiful trees: pines, manzanita and oaks – most of which pretty much burned in the Valley Fire in 2015.

The wood from the burned trees was harvested, cut, split and offered to the people from the area and who lost their home.

We parked. Got out of the car overlooking the area. Even 2 years later, it’s still hard to be fully present to the change. (The mind always wants to have the good old times back).

I touched the wood with great respect. I blessed (and even) kissed the big trunks of the once magnificent oaks that always took away my breath – and felt childlike.

“I loved sharing this mini adventure with you yesterday,” I told my sweetheart with my flu-husky voice getting quite emotional a moment ago.

“I don’t know why. Does it remind me of some ancient past as a native american?”, I asked.

“I so loved going into (my) forest outside of my home. I would get ecstatic about all this abundance that nature offers so generously. Old fallen branches, cones of different sizes, twigs, dried long pine needles. I would have this huge warm, fuzzy special feeling in my heart. And so much gratitude….”

I paused and wondered.

How did I pick up my kindle wood? I could not remember. It’s amazing how times let’s you forget. Maybe it’s also called ‘time healing the wounds’.

“Did I take the basket?”

“Well you had a basket with all these big cones,” my partner said.

“Hmm….no it was not the basket…..I can’t believe I can’t remember. Maybe it was a brown paper bag from TJ,” I responded with tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I am just so happy that I was gifted these feelings as I know so many city people have never had this experience and I so wish everybody did, this deep connection to nature, this deep inter-connection between us and her.”

I leaned back and took a breath.

I feel blessed. By such simplicity.

I wonder what is your relationship to nature? Have you felt her abundance? Do you feel connected to her? How? I am curious and would love to read your thoughts on this?

sending best wishes for a fulfilled, healthy New Year, Joya

© Text by Joya P. Gallasch/thegiftsofchange.org