Are You More or Are You Less?

Dear One,

This question popped up in my head while meditating at the Lake Shrine Gardens in LA.

“Are you more or are you less –  after you lost everything in a natural calamity?”

I walked down the path of the stunning garden and thought to myself: “Wow, while so many people in this world have created material wealth and homes, I got stripped of all of it. How does that make me feel?

I witnessed myself and noticed how easy it is to give into the high demands of my ego. I did feel a little sad.

I have not rebuild my home. On the one hand I long for my own sanctuary again – and yet something is holding me back. I know my home has always been my refuge and temple space. I love creating beauty – it could be with something I find on the beach, in the forest, or a piece that somebody threw away. I love a challenge and express it by creating art.

So if I measure myself by the standard of the ego – my healer recently said – “Loss only happens on the level of Ego” – I could easily feel like a loser, a failure, less than.

I made a choice and claimed: ” I am and know my pure existance and this precious life is priceless. I chose not to label and define myself by should, have, woulds.

Isn’t there a quote that says: “less is more”. Hmm, that would be an interesting interview topic, asking people what that sentence means to them?

The Gift:

When I step away from any label and definition of what I should have accomplished by now, there is a sense of freedom.

I feel light. I feel my essence. I feel myself. My life. I feel free.

I will celebrate that today.

And I invite you to find the freedom in change and letting go as well. I am curious how you do it? Please connect and/or leave a comment.

sending tons of encouragement


©Text by Joya P. Gallasch/


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