Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

Dear One,

I remember it was months before my 40th Birthday when I overheard my then husband talk to a friend in Mt Shasta. “I” wanted to celebrate big. I realized they were talking about summiting Mt Shasta exactly the night before my special day. 

That was not my idea of a wild and fun celebration.

Actually at one point I got really upset.

“This was my round birthday and why couldn’t I choose what to do that day.”

Eventually I surrendered and remembered that life with my former husband always meant surprises and wonderful miracles.

The next level of resistance I had to overcome was my belief of this being possible. I was athletic and practiced yoga regularly, but climbing a 14180 ft mountain was a different challenge.

I started training with 5 1-Gallon Waterbottles in a Backpack hiking briskly up and down Griffith Park hoping that would prepare me well.

We arrived in Mt Shasta on July 20th. We went for a swim in Castle Lake. Visited Panther Meadow where everybody got a moment in stillness and by ourselves to be with the mountain.

It would be my first time to mountaineer with crampons and an ice-axe. Did I know how to use that stuff. No. Stupid. Probably. We all got a simple introduction from our fearless leader with copied paper examples.

Looking up at this majestic being, I was in awe and at the same time I could feel huge fear creeping into my heart and body. A voice kept telling me: “You. Never ever. Why would you make it to the summit?”

I could not get rid of it. Then I remembered the same voice telling me a few years when I got ready to walk THE CAMINO DE COMPOSTELA in Spain, that I would not make it and I DID. 34 days later I had crossed through Spain.

I paused and gazed at her magnificence.

“Hmmm, what did I do then, that I could repeat here. How did I change my belief of NOT making it?” I wondered.

I remembered.

  • Surrender.
  • Enjoying the journey.
  • Having no expectations.
  • Showing up fully.

July 20 arrived. Also a special day in the vedic astrology, it was called Guru Purnima, a day when you honor all your gurus and teachers – good and bad.

At 10pm we started the ascent. It was hard. I panted and cursed a lot. My backpack was so f….heavy that I almost rolled down a steep hill at one point.

We made it to the basecamp at 2am to rest. I got altitude effects with massive heart palpitation and headache. I tossed and turned in my sleeping bag.

I started to tell myself. “That’s it. You don’t need to do this. This might be it. Just admit it.”

We rested all day to acclimate and now I had a whole team telling me that I could do it.

I surrendered again.

We started at 11pm. My guide was my former husband. My father and grandfather had been moutaineers all their life. So I called them in, and my gurus, and my saints, and my teachers and asked all of them to push me gradually up the mountain.

We walked at a steady pace. It was wonderful to FOLLOW a man and be guided this way.

Long Story short, I made it to the summit.

It was one of these absolutely extraordinary and unforgettable experiences in life that I would not want to miss a second of.

As we approached the summit, the FULL moon met the rising sun which cast a full pyramid to one side of the mountain. I cried. Exhausted. Feeling pure soul empowerment in this moment.

I am sending tons of courage to all that are going through life-changing situations. Like facing a mountain, know you CAN do it and you will BE so much stronger and empowered by it.


©Joya P. Gallasch/


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