New Beginnings

Dear One,

Every loss, every transition, every letting go is a New Beginning.

“Every end is a new beginning!” My first writing teacher shared with me 3 decades ago. It was like an eye opener, a complete Aha for me at the time. Today I know my many Letting go experiences have been my Heart Opener.

You might have ‘lost’ your home in a wildfire (like I did) or other natural disaster, you might have lost a beloved one, ended a relationship, have outgrown a friendship, you were laid off or know you have to let go of a job or profession.

Whatever it is you END – be gentle with yourself.

Your NEW BEGINNING is like a birth. You are being reborn. Birth is messy and painful, always remember that.

Right now you are like a baby. You are not fully embodied. A traumatic loss can do the same to you.

Practise softness. Like a mother, father, young sibling might hold a newborn, hold yourself, hold your inner child with gentleness.

Your Gift:

Your seemingly sad end IS by physical law transforming into a new beginning. Focus on the now. Listen to your heart. Allow the NEW BEGINNING to show you her gifts.

I am curious how you handle new beginnings? Did this post help you to remember to be kind to yourself? Let me know…

sending tons of softness, Joya

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