Look for Magic

Dear One,

When you get overwhelmed with the situation you are in, when depression takes over, it is so easy to loose track to all the good around you.

Leonard Cohen sings and I am paraphrasing “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

Can you find one piece, one experience, one moment today where you discover beauty and/or magic?

Maybe it’s a hummingbird flying by, your animal doing something cute, your partner’s sparkling blue, green, grey eyes, a flower on the side of the road, a piece that you pulled out of the ashes of your home?

One piece? One moment?

If nothing else come to mind, focus on your breath. Stop everything for a moment. Breathe. Breathe deeply in. Breathe deeply out. What magic! Each breath keeps you alive, keeps you here on this beautiful planet.

Break your pattern of negativity.

Find one gift that stops you in your tracks, that offers you beauty and magic.

Sending tons of inspiration, Joya

┬ęc Text by Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change

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