You Always Have A Choice

Dear One,

When you go through a loss or a natural disaster your nervous system is naturally overwhelmed. I urge you to stay away from reading or listening any negative news, people that pull you down, and situations that could bring more drama into your life.

You are already in a very heightened state. Any added negativity will simply increase your fear level and you do not need that right now.

You need gentleness. You need encouragement. You need strength and clarity.

You don’t need to be connected to any dooms day scenarios that are out of your reach anyway. Especially since there are as many or more positive news or miracles happening each and every day that nobody reports about.

Stay clear. Stay positive. Stay present. Be kind with yourself and those who HAVE to deal with.

Your Gift:

You always have a choice. Even Wonder Woman says that at the end of the movie which was my favorite sentence. There will always be darkness and light, AND we get to choose.

Could you choose a life where all good is coming your way – soon again? Could you imagine you are a co-creator in this journey?You

Let me know how you have managed to stay clear from negativity? Did you follow my suggestion – and not start your day with negative news? What would it take? I’d love to hear from you.

sending tons of encouragement, Joya

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