Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

Dear One,

I remember it was months before my 40th Birthday when I overheard my then husband talk to a friend in Mt Shasta. “I” wanted to celebrate big. I realized they were talking about summiting Mt Shasta exactly the night before my special day.  Continue reading Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

How Can We Forget?

Dear One,

‘Energy follows attention’ – I love this wisdom (and it’s even scientifically proven)

Today’s Blog is short and sweet. It is for everybody that is going through a major life change. Continue reading How Can We Forget?

I Am Grateful For All Experiences

Dear One,

Some time ago I sat at a lake, it was around Thanksgiving Time. I suddenly started to connect to all my difficult, challenging and even life-threatening experiences. One by one, in my inner eye, they would show up. There was no heavy, sad or angry energy, in fact I was flooded with so much gratitude.

Continue reading I Am Grateful For All Experiences