Feel, Feel, Feel All Your Emotions

Feel, Feel, Feel All Your Emotions

We feel all the time. Your body is gifted with sensory awareness.  The senses such as touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing, to a varying degree, are always at work. Every moment is like the frame in a film. It is filled with sensory story and feeling. Sometimes it’s one big emotion, other times it is a mix of different ones.

When you experience a huge loss, the experience can take you over the edge. You easily shut down. It’s too big, too painful, too much to handle in one given moment.

You might also experience PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

We become numb. Move around like robots, disconnected from our feelings and emotions. Often it’s not even a conscious choice. The body on a somatic level always knows how much stress or challenge we can handle. People with sexual abuse know about it. People that have lost their homes in a natural disaster go through it. It’s like a protection.

When you lost your home, you need to function, to deal with all that is on the table, you need to make phone-calls with your insurance company, figure out what to do next, where to live, what to rent, to re-build or buy something new. So many decisions, too much outer stress, it’s hard to remember to breathe.

I invite you out of personal experience to stay open to your sweet body, your feelings and emotions.

Make time. Maybe in the morning, maybe throughout the day, maybe in the evening.

Feel. Feel all. Feel the numbness. Feel the heaviness. Feel where in the body you can feel it. How is feeling numb and nothing? Can you imagine your body is like a baby and one thing you can always do is, imagine you are holding yourself. Put your arms around you and rock yourself.

Or ask somebody else to do hold you. Ask for help.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Seemingly fall apart.

My experience was whenever I allowed myself to cry, the dam broke. My pour heart did not have to hold it all in anylonger.

Put your hands on your heart, on your belly. See where your hands want to land. Breathe.

Breathe and Feel. Do nothing. Rest. Breathe in. Breathe out.


Feelings and emotions are like release valves. They connect you to the present moment. What are you feeling now? A feeling might be connected to your loss, the overall or one single detail remembering a specific item or situation that has you burst into tears. Don’t ever feel ashamed. Remember how good it feels when it all comes out. Expressing feelings creates a sense of freedom and space inside of yourself.

Feel. Release. Bless yourself that you are able to feel. It means you are alive!

Sending tons of love, Joya

©Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change


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