From Sorrow To Joy

Dear One,

In the year 2000 I entered a phase in my life that is called ‘the Dark Night of the Soul.’ I experienced huge changes. Basically every identity I ever chose or believed in was challenged and removed from my life.

I was served a huge colorful basket of challenges and fears that all required letting go. It started with insomnia, then loss of my business, my tribe, my best friend. A tumor challenged my idea of being the body. Miscarriages and the end of my marriage broke my heart wide open. Letting go of LA and all my friends where I lived for 22 years to move to the country-side. Only to experience the wildfire that cremated my home, business and all I owned in 2015.

“The amazing part about you is,” a close friend one day acknowledged, “no matter how bad things get, you always find back to the center, to your truth, to love and joy.”

That is true.

Is it easy? Definitely not. Do I drown in sorrow, sadness, grief, depression at times? Of course! Do I feel like a victim who has events happen TO her? You bet. I am not super woman.

And at the end of the day, my message in this life-time is: No matter how hard it gets, how difficult the challenges are, how impossible it feels to survive or overcome certain experiences, YOU will find your way back to LOVE and JOY. That is who you are,  that is who I am!

The Gift:

Sorrow is your guide.

Like a best friend he helps us to return back to your true essence. Sometimes kicking and screaming.

So, please dear one, enjoy the journey as much as you can. It is all necessary to chisel a diamond out of a piece of coal. Breathe through the Sorrows. Trust that there is always light at the other end of the Tunnel.

sending tons of love, Joya

©Text: Joya P Gallasch/ – Photo: Matheus Bertelli – thank you


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