A Magic Encounter Confirms The Path

Dear One,

During my stay in Los Angeles, I love to visit a place called Lake Shrine. It is run by a spiritual organization called SRF – Self-Realisation Fellowship based on the teachings of an indian Guru called Paramahansa Yogananda.

There is a walk-way around a lake with beautiful plants and flowers, benches to rest and contemplate and a little windmill Chapel where one can sit in silence and meditate. This is my favorite one.

“The Chapel will close in 5 minutes,” a voice announced softly – they close shortly before 4.30pm. I take a deep breath and savor the last minutes of silence. When I open my eyes, today my head wants to turn to the left. I usually don’t look around and stay in my own space.

I almost have to look twice. Yes, it’s her. I recognize the profile of the woman sitting 3 chairs to my left. I am thrilled. This must be my writing teacher, the amazing Ann Randolph, I say to myself. I studied with her last year in May for an entire month at the Retreat Center Esalen in Big Sur.

I get up, step outside and wait. This is auspicious. 2 other couples walk through the door, and there she is. I walk up to her and our eyes meet.

“Joya wow,” her unique voice calls out. – “Ann, how wonderful to see you here.”

We start to engage in a quiet conversation.

I am excited that I have my GIFTS OF CHANGE postcards with me. I hand her one and thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her inspiration and positive influence.

We had a meeting at Esalen. I was a complete! pity party, totally stressed out (the aftershocks of the fire) that I could not get clear on where to put my writing focus.

“You have had several life-times in deep Letting Go experiences, why don’t you write, no censoring, just write. Each day. Let it show you. There is a traditional way to write a book, you write your own and maybe it becomes a book with short stories about your different loss experiences.” she recommended back then.

And here I am. Honored to share this Blog (and soon a book) with you, to be of service for all that experience loss, change and transition now.

The Gift:

O, what a beautiful sign. To encounter my writing teacher who is extremely busy in my favorite Heart and Soul Garden, confirms – all is right on track. Keep on writing! Keep on doing what I am doing!

Thank you for reading. I hope you could take away a nugget of inspiration for youself? Have you had magic encounters in your life so far?

Sending tons of Magic, Joya

©Text by Joya P Gallasch/thegiftsofchange.org




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