Tragedy As A Source of Strength

Dear One,

There is a saying in Tibetan, “Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.” No matter what sort of difficulties you go through or how painful the experience is, if you lose your hope, that’s your real disaster.”

I can’t remember where I found this quote. Thank you to whoever wrote it.

As I don’t like the word ‘hope’, (to me hope is always out there in the future and not necessarily in the present moment or acceptance with what is right now) –  I would love to replace it with trust in this post.

“If I lose trust, that is the real disaster!”

If you lose trust, you give up.

If you give up, you allow all sorts of negative thoughts, words, feelings to enter your energy field.

If negativity enters your body, mind and soul, you weaken.

If you are weak, you might forget who is running the show, the ego or the heart.

Losing trust is really losing contact to your heart.

The heart, this precious organ that connects the heavens (your divine spark or soul) with the earth (my bodily-mental-emotional human experience) and offers us this multi-dimensional life.


What if all hardship, tragedy or loss – as an invitation to return to the heart and your true nature: STRENGTH. Allow tragedy to be/come a source of strength for you.

How does this post encourage you to be with tragedy? Could it lift any heaviness? Did it help to return to a sense of lightness? I am thrilled to hear from you.

sending tons of lightness, Joya

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