The Preciousness Of The Present Moment

Dear One,

I had to take a breather. The wildfires and huge losses in Southern California ( also with people I know and cherish) have gotten to me. There is something so raw and powerful about the intensity of fire. It literally takes my breath away and humbles me to the bone.

It made me cry. Not from a place of victimhood or despair – although I know deep down in all of my cells what people who lost their home are going through right now. I send you all my love and all my compassion.

It made me cry for the preciousness of the present moment.

Now is only now. There is no past or future.

NOW is the moment when you get to LOVE.

NOW is the moment when you get to THANK.

NOW is the moment when you get to APPRECIATE.

Please remember that.

THEN – when it’s time to let go, you and I know, we loved the person, the home, the art, the friend, the animal with such awareness, heart and presence, there is no need to regret.

You might grief, yes and that is only healthy.

And when you forget, please return back to your breath. In – and out – and you right back with the present moment.

Your Gift:

The now is your gift that is why it is called the present.

Please share how you stay present with all that is happening in your life or in the world? What helps you to be in your heart?

sending tons of compassion for all of us, Joya

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