The Earth Got Your Back

Dear One,

She does. The earth became my greatest teacher in the wildfire loss. No matter what happens to us, she is here for all of us. Every step we take, she is (most of the time) right under us offering ground and grounding.

Even if we lost everything in a fire, flood, hurricane, earth quake or other natural calamity and we are still alive. We have a home.

She is our TRUE home.

I’d love to inspire you to start cultivating a deep relationship with her, with all your love, attention and care. Feel her. Talk to her. Appreciate her.

I’d like to ask you the following questions:

“How can you love this precious earth?”

“How can you be a source for her to flourish?”

“How can you develop a relationship with her like with a human being?”

I have a sweet little exercise. Before the fire I had an earth ball that I could blow up. It might sound silly or childish to you, yet I love to ignite my inner child and I encourage you to do the same. I would hold that earth ball often in my arms, close my eyes and quietly or out loud tell the earth:

“I love you so much!!!!”

“I thank you so much for being my home!”

” I love you so much for growing the food I eat!”

“I am so grateful for the water I drink and the air I breathe.”

“I am in deep appreciation for all the different species of trees, plants, flowers and animals that grow and live on you!”

Try it out yourself. Get the ball. Or hug yourself and imagine you hold the earth (we are made of the earth and earth we will become after we leave our body). In the process of hugging yourself, you get to love yourself, too.


The earth is our true home. She loves you. And if you start to love her, too – she will love you back even more.

Dear Reader, please share with me, how can you be an active leader in this process of caring for our planet? What do you do? What do you share with your kids or friends?

sending tons of LOVE,


©Text Joya P Gallasch/ photo: – thank you 

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