Life Always Wants to Live

Dear One,

Life always wants to thrive.

Life’s purpose is to live, to create life, to grow, to re-new, to offer a second Chance.

As hard as my fire experience was and still is when I see the torched hills, LIFE kicked in again and new plants are growing now where nothing was before. 

Branches are stretching themselves like arms towards the light from the bottom of their trunks where the lumber people cut down the big trees.

Cones opened, so seeds that can only present themselves through the heat of the fire could pop onto the land.

Wildflowers galore in every color imaginable worked themselves through the earth to bless my color-loving eye and heart.

The endless mind and ego wants to understand and control. Always. To make sure this will never ever happen again.

I ‘always’ imagine the earth and the land grins and knows there will be a fire again. Somewhere or even right here and there.

Native Americans understood that. They also created clearings from time to time, so fire had a stage to act on.

How can we trust in this cycle?

How can we also become aware of our unconsciousness that might contribute to the amounts and largeness of fires now?

How can we become aware and connected to the earth as our most precious true home? She is so generous with us.

How can we love her and the land? Like a beloved, like a mother, like a child – I know we all have practice in that with living beings.


It’s sweet.

Life always wants to take place and grow and thrive.

Let us all awaken to the simple truth that the earth is our TRUE home and she loves growth and life, bunches and varieties of it.

What magic is that!!!!!

Beloved reader, let me know, how you dance with these words? Do they touch you? Did you already know all of this? How do you love life? How do you love the earth?

sending tons of gratitude to you


Text © Joya P. Gallasch – Photo by – thank you

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