“…I am so thrilled you found this blog. It means a lot to me. Each and every word I share comes from deep down of my heart and many really! hard learned lessons.

I am no novice to transformation. I am definitely not a ‘change virgin’!

My most recent Letting Go Initiation was the Valley Fire, a wildfire that burned my home, workshop space, office and all I owned in September 2015. My climax (hopefully!).

Before that I was ‘gifted’ with an extremely long and challenging phase in my life that is called ‘the Dark Night of the Soul’ where all I believed to be ‘real’ got shattered.

It included sexual abuse, insomnia, loss of one of my businesses, my tribe, my best friend. A tumor challenged my idea of being the body. Miscarriages and the end of my marriage broke my heart wide open. Letting go of LA and all my friends where I lived for 22 years to move to the country-side, was no easy feat. And then the fire.

Basically every identity I ever believed in was challenged and/or removed from my life.

It has opened my heart. Deepened my compassion. Ignited my love of life over and over. Connected me to my true essence.

If I only had one message to share with you it would be this:

No matter how difficult, traumatic, or impossible a situation seems, no matter if you feel right now, you will never ever get out of this – trust! Trust there IS LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and you are returning to love and joy.

Drop all resistance. Be present and vulnerable.

As my holistic chiropractor Eileen would say:


I offer my hand and heart for support…”

Love, Joya



Joya P. Gallasch has worked as an Empowerment Coach, Mentor, Medium and international Workshop/Retreat Leader for more than 25 years.

She is the CEO and founder of BEING A WOMAN is a movement! and the co-founder of The Studio Inc., Hollywood Acting Workshop (HAW) and Capture Film, Inc.

Her entertainment background as an actress, producer, radio host and writer, have offered a deep understanding of how to empower human potential.

Her education and trainings as a Healer are Reiki, Meditation, Council, Yoga, Family Constellation, Trauma Release, Healing the MotherWound, Healing the FatherWound, Clearing the Air Between Men and Women, Tantra, Breathwork, Matrix and Women Studies. She is the creator of the ‘From Fear to Freedom and Joy’ Method.



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