How Can We Forget?

Dear One,

‘Energy follows attention’ – I love this wisdom (and it’s even scientifically proven)

Today’s Blog is short and sweet. It is for everybody that is going through a major life change.

A transition. A Letting Go. Any kind of loss. Stuck in the Muck. Feels overwhelmed.  Upset. Angry. Resisting. Afraid of your own shadow.

For a moment – please remember when did you feel eXSTATIC the last time?

Would you like to play with me? And close your eyes. And stop all doing. And be. With all that is going on. Feel. Breathe.

Most important SOFTEN. Soften by putting your hands on your heart or your belly.

Connect to your breath. And time-travel. When was the last time you felt eXSTATIC?

Remember ONE. Situation. Event. Time….

Once you have it, connect to the sounds you can hear from this past memory. Connect to the smell. What did you wear? Who is with you? Where are you? How old are you? What time of the day/night is it? Can you touch somebody? What’s your taste?

I am guiding you through a sense memory exercise to help you feel light, uplifted, happy, wild, joyous, adventurous, bold, courageous again…like you felt in your ecstatic memory.

It is so easy to get stuck in heaviness, hardness, harshness, depression when life is challenging.

Let us together imagine that a SHIFT is easy!

So your energy – despite all that is going on – uplifts and you remember YOUR JOYOUS SELF.


You are magnificent. Your essence is vast and expansive. When we become small and limited, we simply forgot.

sending tons of inspiration


©Joya P. Gallasch/


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