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Dear One,

Before the Fire – after I moved to the Forest to my Mountain Home – a beautiful ritual came to me. One night I dreamed I made my own rose tea with rose pedals.

I was healing from the shift in dynamic in my marriage which I called transition (never separation) into expansion (aka divorce).

Every night when I could not fall asleep because of my heart being heavy and sad, I imagined that an energy which I called the great goddess energy would bless me with her sweetest embrace.

So one night after I gently drifted into sleep, I saw myself steeping tea with my rose pedals that had the most incredible scent.

The next day I asked friends who grew roses if I could come over and pick one.

Sticking my nose into all of them, one with the most fragrant smell called out to me.

At home I pulled out my very special and delicate white china called Maria Weiss which I had schlepped from Munich to Washington D.C. to NY to LA to Cobb Mountain.

And so I started to brew my own rose pedal tea. It felt like comfort food. As if the plant beings wanted to heal my heart with color and rose fragrance.

I kept this ritual until the day before the fire.

For almost 3 years now I forgot. Until today.

I will be at a home with beautiful roses for a few weeks. My white china is gone, yet I am sure I will find another special cup.


The blessing of a ritual IS that you can return to it. Any time. Whenever you are ready.

Dear Reader, do you have a ritual that is special to you? Would you like to share?

sending tons of gentleness,


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