Are You More or Are You Less?

Dear One,

This question popped up in my head while meditating at Lake Shrine Gardens in LA:  “Are you more or are you less –  after you lost everything in a natural calamity?”

I walked down the path of the stunning garden and thought to myself: “Wow, while so many people in this world have created material wealth and homes, I got stripped of all of it. How does that make me feel?

I witnessed myself and noticed how easy it is to give into the high demands of my ego. I did feel a little sad.

I have not rebuild my home. On the one hand I long for my own sanctuary again – and yet something is holding me back. I know my home has always been my refuge and temple space. I love creating beauty – it could be with something I find on the beach, in the forest, or a piece that somebody threw away. I love a challenge and express it by creating art.

So if I measure myself by the standard of the ego – my healer recently said – “Loss only happens on the level of Ego” – I could easily feel like a loser, a failure, less than.

I made a choice and claimed: ” I am and know my pure existance and this precious life is priceless. I chose not to label and define myself by should, have, woulds.

Isn’t there a quote that says: “less is more”. Hmm, that would be an interesting interview topic, asking people what that sentence means to them?

The Gift:

When I step away from any label and definition of what I should have accomplished by now, there is a sense of freedom.

I feel light. I feel my essence. I feel myself. My life. I feel free.

I will celebrate that today.

And I invite you to find the freedom in change and letting go as well. I am curious how you do it? Please connect and/or leave a comment.

sending tons of encouragement


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