Pain as your Gold

Dear sweet One,

Are you feeling any physical or emotional pain in your body right? Have you offered yourself time to sit with it and feel it?

Allow me to share one of my big challenges with you. I can hardly eat or digest anything right now. I am allergic to all the stuff they use even in organic or gluten-free items. I get stomach/intestinal pain so bad that my ‘normal’ life has to stop and I have to lie down.

This has been going on since January 2022, when I also continued to receive visions and appearances of a little jewish girl who – as I have seen so far – passed in a concentration camp. This will be another post.

I lost a lot of weight, went to see all sorts of holistic doctors and naturopaths. All of them helped a bit, especially on the emotional and spiritual level. Yet the problems persisted. It eventually felt so scary that I even mustered up all my courage and got an endoscopy and colonoscopy lately.

As I met with the doctor right after the procedure, he said everything is okay, and my intestine was beautiful. The pain persisted.

I got an ultrasound. All is perfect. Yet the pain persisted. 

I changed to a mono eating diet. Seemed to work for one day. As the pain persisted.

I felt and still feel anxious, scared, frustrated, defeated, hopeless and powerless.

Finally on Sunday when the pain was getting even worse, I felt feverish and very weak, I sat down in meditation and felt. 

I went straight to the pain, simply breathing in and breathing out. Witnessing. And FEELING. 

No thinking. No analyzing.


At times it got stronger and more intense. Then tears started to stream down my cheek. Then images showed up.

Do not worry if you don’t. The whole point of this feeling journey is to feel. To be present to your feelings. 

You need to carve out some quiet time and a space where you can be undisturbed for however long you need. 

After one hour I felt complete for that day. I promised myself to go back every-time now when the pain shows up.

And I remembered pain is always a messenger. 

Don’t fight this gift. Don’t resist. 

Be willing to open. to feel. to release. to embrace what is.

This is where your gold lies. 

Find the courage and time to sit with it. And feel it. 

This is exactly what I have to do now. 

Lie down – and gently put my hands on my belly and FEEL.



Your pain is your messenger.

Your pain is a friend, somebody that wishes to tell you something important, so don’t fight it. Rather make time for yourself. 

sending you tons of love, Joya

©Joya P. Gallasch/The Studio Inc.

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