This is happening FOR me

Dear One,

It is so easy to get stuck in difficult situations, especially if they involve loss and letting go. When we are overwhelmed, we often become unaware. We say things from a place of being unconscious.

How often have you heard somebody say: “This happened to me…”

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Why Did This Happen?

Dear One,

We can’t help it. We love asking the WHY questions. It happens almost by itself. As if all of us were programmed to think and live this way.

Asking the WHY questions, the mind and ego will continue to run the show, our life and create havoc inside of us. ‘Why’ can also easily keep us stuck in victim energy and put us even more down in precarious times when we really need to stay focused and clear.

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Everything Is Falling Into Place VERSUS Falling Apart

Dear One,

When we experience a situation that takes us to the edge because it is so new, so tragic, so traumatic, so big – it is easy to loose yourself in depression.

When you loose your home, everything you knew is gone.

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I Will Never Experience Something Like That

Dear One,

I always thought “I will never experience something like that.”I had done so much healing work with the land around Cobb Mountain and my home. Losing my home to a wildfire would never happen to me.

It did.

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I’d Like To Acknowledge Your Loss

Dear One,

I’d like to acknowledge your Loss!

I am truly sorry! I am sorry that you have to go through such a dramatic event.

I have been there when my home, workshops space and office and all I owned burned in the Valley Fire in 2015.

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Welcome To This Blog Sanctuary

Dear One,

If you found this blog, you might have experienced a loss, maybe even a huge loss.

Your home burned in the recent wildfires like mine did in 2015. Maybe your home was flooded, consumed or dismantled by a hurricane or tornado.

Maybe you lost it because you could not make your payments. Maybe you lost a beloved one. You are going through a separation, facing the end of your marriage, got diagnosed with a difficult disease.

This Blog is a SOURCE for you. I will share all I have learned through my own journey of letting go and new beginnings. I will share inspiration,  helpful suggestions, practical tips and healing tools, so you can return to the safety of your Рnow broken Рheart. Sooner than I did.

Please use me and share this information with family members and friends who are going through hard times of change. I also encourage you to share your comments or discoveries with us.

Sending tons of Love and Strength,


©Text by Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change