Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

Dear One,

I remember it was months before my 40th Birthday when I overheard my then husband talk to a friend in Mt Shasta. “I” wanted to celebrate big. I realized they were talking about summiting Mt Shasta exactly the night before my special day.  Continue reading Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

How Can We Forget?

Dear One,

‘Energy follows attention’ – I love this wisdom (and it’s even scientifically proven)

Today’s Blog is short and sweet. It is for everybody that is going through a major life change. Continue reading How Can We Forget?

The Earth Got Your Back

Dear One,

She does. The earth became my greatest teacher in the wildfire loss. No matter what happens to us, she is here for all of us. Every step we take, she is (most of the time) right under us offering ground and grounding. Continue reading The Earth Got Your Back

Life Always Wants to Live

Dear One,

Life always wants to thrive.

Life’s purpose is to live, to create life, to grow, to re-new, to offer a second Chance.

As hard as my fire experience was and still is when I see the torched hills, LIFE kicked in again and new plants are growing now where nothing was before.  Continue reading Life Always Wants to Live

Softness – A True Power

Dear One,

Softness is such a special quality. It is NOT to be confused with weakness. In a world that can be so harsh, demanding, challenging and exhausting, it is easy to forget about gentleness and softness and drop into hardness.

Continue reading Softness – A True Power