Everything Is Falling Into Place VERSUS Falling Apart

Dear One,

When we experience a situation that takes us to the edge because it is so new, so tragic, so traumatic, so big – it is easy to loose yourself in depression.

When you loose your home, everything you knew is gone.

You are feeling uprooted.

You are disoriented.

You are confused.

Acknowledge that. It is important that you feel each and every feeling and emotion that is showing up in that moment.

You might also feel you are falling apart. Your refuge was taken. Your support structure is gone, your tribe is harmed or injured (physically, mentally or emotionally),

If only you could take a moment and remember:

This experience might be a gift!

What if one, two or five years from now, you realize “Ah, this had ot happen to take from point A to point B, to help me with my growth, to get me out of a stuck situation, to start fresh, to come back to my true calling and purpose…”

What if all that is happening IS FALLING INTO PLACE.

You just can’t see it right now. not yet.

Sending tons of clarity and love, Joya

©Text by Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change

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