Why Did This Happen?

Dear One,

We can’t help it. We love asking the WHY questions. It happens almost by itself. As if all of us were programmed to think and live this way.

Asking the WHY questions, the mind and ego will continue to run the show, our life and create havoc inside of us. ‘Why’ can also easily keep us stuck in victim energy and put us even more down in precarious times when we really need to stay focused and clear.

I invite you to ask HOW.

The moment you find yourself ask the why question, see if you can ask the same question with a HOW. How can I make the best out of this loss? How can I learn from this letting go? How can I find the gifts in all of this change?

The past is the past, it already happened so we can not change anything about it anyway. All we have is the present moment, the now. A series of present moments will eventually create the future in this linear time understanding.

How can I stand strong? How can I master this situation? How can I live more from a place of RESPONDING than reacting? How can I surrender to my traumatic experience? How can I call in help? How can I ask friends, family, people for support? How can I live authentically and real through this tough experience? How can I be vulnerable with myself and others?

I know it is difficult. Again – acknowledge that. We don’t have to be super man or woman at this point.

I inspire you to remember:


sending tons of love, Joya

©Text by Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change


3 thoughts on “Why Did This Happen?”

  1. Dear Joya,

    I have seen your page and it is beautiful
    Just like you
    I wish that dark times end
    For all of us
    ? Elke

    1. dear Elke,

      Thank you for your comment. The amazing truth is we are on this path to bring back joy, miracle consciousness and love. I am honored to have met you. Blessings, Joya

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