I Am Grateful For All Experiences

Dear One,

Some time ago I sat at a lake, it was around Thanksgiving Time. I suddenly started to connect to all my difficult, challenging and even life-threatening experiences. One by one, in my inner eye, they would show up. There was no heavy, sad or angry energy, in fact I was flooded with so much gratitude.

I saw and felt how each experience offered a teaching or many. It did not matter if it was an event or a person that disappointed me.

I also remembered in my body how difficult it was to be or stay with it at the time. How challenging it was to not give up. To see what I needed to SEE. Many of these events took really long, e.g. my company separation and loss of my best and longest friend took almost 7 years of hell. Later I was told it was my biggest Karma (for sure felt like it) Piece to make peace with. And it also involved German-Jewish healing work.

If you are struggling with a situation or person and for the world can not see any good in it, maybe YOU can shift your perspective and truly look for something good, ONE good thing, this difficulty has offered you. You make the choice. Nobody else going to do it for you.

The Gift:

Today I am the product of all that I have experienced. I have realized that especially the challenges in my Dark Night of the Soul were my biggest Teacher.

They allowed me to grow most. And I am forever grateful to MYSELF and all players that offered the drama (like in a movie).

Please let me know how you are doing? Are you struggling? It is easy to lose our big vision when we are IN it. Can you actually find one piece that you are grateful for. Please share your comments below.

I am sending you best wishes for this shift back into the Gratitude, Joya

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