I Welcome This Emptyness vs I Don’t Know Anything Right Now

Dear One,

everyone knows this place. Feeling empty. Most of our lives we keep moving, walking, doing, filling ourselves with busyness to avoid the ‘Void’. It’s too big and it’s scary.

Everyone going through a massive loss knows this place. I call it the not-knowing space. I experienced it for almost two years after the fire.

“You are so lucky,” a good friend of mine said, ” some of us had to meditate for 40 years to enter that realm and you got it with one fire.” I wanted to smile and could not. Actually for a moment I felt misunderstood, maybe even ridiculed.

A few months later, I got it.

The mind and ego always wants to do do do. The not knowing which is a form of emptyness will have you stop. Like a wildfire will stop everyday actions. A Hurricane. A loss of a Beloved. A loss of a close friend. Full Stop!

What is that emptyness I kept asking myself? How can I make peace with not-knowing when the whole world around me pushes forward day in and day out.

I felt like a drop out. And I was. Because eventually I stopped everything.

Eventually I welcomed the void. I imagined making contact with the void of the universe. When I turned off my mind, I could feel and become the stillness that wanted to blossom in me. A soothing calm and quietness wanted to bless me.

I made contact with the vastness of my soul. The emptyness was the vehicle into deeper layers of myself that wanted to be witnessed.

It was and is still such a gift.

The Gift:

Our lives are so full until some dramatic events stops us. Not knowing and emptyness is not our enemy, yet a true friend that wishes to remind us – again and again – of our true nature. Unlimited Potential. It is so easy to get stuck in all that we have created and start to believe it to be real.

Love yourself deeply the way you are! Stop! Breathe and be!

What are the gifts you have found in emptiness? How do you handle not-knowing. Do you feel they are opposites or one and the same? Please feel inspired to share your thoughts with me.

sending tons of appreciation, Joya

©Text by Joya P. Gallasch/thegiftsofchange.org

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