Being Vulnerable

Dear One,
The only choice we have as we mature is
how we inhabit our vulnerability,
how we become larger
and more courageous
and more compassionate
through our intimacy with disappearance.

-David Whyte

One of my closest male friends,  -an elder, a life * experiences * wise * friend – send this quote to me a few days ago.

“I thought of you and us,” he wrote.

I stopped what I was doing. I read it. I looked at each and every word. I took the content and the essence in.

It tasted like a delicious desert and I said silently to myself: “I love it. O – do I appreciate this writer and his poetry of words.”

Then I paused and wondered: “what does he mean by intimacy with disappearance.”

The disappearing of our ego? Hmm – yes, that would make sense. Or does it refer to letting go, loss of some sort, like losing our homes in the fire? My friend and his family also had to surrender all to a wildfire.

I wrote back to my friend and asked and loved his response even more:

“I understand “Intimacy of Disappearance” has to do with making friends with impermanence and the loss of things”, he shared.


Being vulnerable and making friends with impermanence and the loss of things.

Deep gratitude to life and her many teachings. Deepest gratitude to friends and sharing our life journeys together.

How do you deal with the impermanence and the loss of things? Can you be intimate with disappearing? How do you bless this journey of life with all its challenges and obstacles? Please please, beautiful one, share!

sending tons of love, Joya

©Text by Joya P Gallasch/ 

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