Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

Dear One,

I remember it was months before my 40th Birthday when I overheard my then husband talk to a friend in Mt Shasta. “I” wanted to celebrate big. I realized they were talking about summiting Mt Shasta exactly the night before my special day.  Continue reading Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

When Honesty Offers A Blessing

Dear One,

“After your call, your father and I sat on the sofa in the living-room and cried,” my mom shared with me at our first Family Dinner upon my arrival in Germany. I was so touched. Sometimes we don’t know how we offer unexpected blessings with our honesty.

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Why Did This Happen?

Dear One,

We can’t help it. We love asking the WHY questions. It happens almost by itself. As if all of us were programmed to think and live this way.

Asking the WHY questions, the mind and ego will continue to run the show, our life and create havoc inside of us. ‘Why’ can also easily keep us stuck in victim energy and put us even more down in precarious times when we really need to stay focused and clear.

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