This is happening FOR me

Dear One,

It is so easy to get stuck in difficult situations, especially if they involve loss and letting go. When we are overwhelmed, we often become unaware. We say things from a place of being unconscious.

How often have you heard somebody say: “This happened to me…”

This was one of my first learning experiences during many letting go experiences, certainly the wildfire.

I realized if I continue saying – this happened to me, I stay in victimhood. I keep myself in a space of powerlessness and also helplessness.

I changed. I started to say:

This is happening FOR me and even THROUGH me.

Can you try it out? Say it internally. Say it outloud.

You might notice that your energy shifts. You are returning back to your power. You are back. You opened the door to solutions. You can look for the gift(s) now rather than feeling like you are worthless.

sending tons of encouragement, Joya

©Text by Joya P Gallasch/The gifts of Change

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