How Is Your Heart?

Dear One,

How is your heart today? How are you feeling?

When you go through huge crisis like losing your home and all you owned, it is absolutely disorienting, uprooting and confusing. Remember that over and over!

There is the actual fact of losing your shelter and protection, there is the loss part, the trauma – you could have died, the chaos of physical destruction that you have to deal with, all the logistics with insurance, sleeping at friend’s homes or in a hotel… – knowing every day – your life will never be the same.

So how is your heart today?

Mine was so tender and felt so heavy after my wildfire experience. One moment I wanted to cry, the next I was completely numb, then I drowned in the worst grief and depression.

Also please don’t underestimate the collective pain that is being created in a disaster event. You are most probably not only feeling your pain alone, but everybody else’s, too. Especially if you are an empath and you feel a lot.

How is your heart?

Can you stop and put your two hands up to your heart right now? Can you hold your heart like a little baby? Breathe. Be still. Watch. Let unfold whatever emotion wants to surface. Be present to THIS now.

The world will continue to spin. Without you. Please take a moment that is dedicated to you and your heart. It’s okay to feel whatever you feel.

Trust your heart. Let your heart show the way. This is the fastest way to recovery. You don’t need to rush anything right now, even though this is what you might be feeling. You want to get everything under control again and that is NOT what is supposed to happen right now. You actually can’t.

If you panic, feel it. If you are anxious, feel it. If you grief, feel it. If you are angy, feel it. FEEL YOUR HEART.

and love yourself tons, tons, tons.

sending so much compassion, Joya

©Text by Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change

2 thoughts on “How Is Your Heart?”

    1. Thank you Tanja! Please feel free to share this with anyone that is going through a time of letting go ~ hearthug, Joya

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