Living With Uncertainty

Dear One,

We all long for stability and security. We want certainty. A life that is predictable with as little shifts and changes as possible.

Deep down we long to be safe.

To be taken care of. To know we have a home, a refuge. We have food to eat. We have money and a job to pay for it. We can take care of our family or friends.

We are protected.

When we go through a big loss, especially when we lose our home, all of this is shattered. Nothing is the same. Nothing seems to be safe. Suddenly the world becomes a dangerous, unpredictable place.

Living with uncertainty is about letting go of control. Letting go of being in charge. Letting go of calling the shots.

It is a truly humbling experience. For many of us it is very painful, and difficult to surrender to what is. Hardly anybody gives up control voluntarily, we are so used to it.

I remember a friend of mine from Berlin said about 10 years ago: “One of the most important qualities to have in the years to come will be flexibility and fluidity.” I nodded. It sounded like a good, valid and also easy practice.

It is not. I found out the hard way.

It takes guts to face what is.

It takes courage to stand in the storm of not knowing.

Maybe certainty is one of the biggest illusions. “Matter” matters so much to us and matter dissolves as we all have experienced. I recently had to witness my friend’s home burn in a matter of one hour – puff – 60 minutes – everything gone – like my home and all belongings cremated in 2015.


Let uncertainty be your guide. Let it be your best friend that takes you by the hand and leads you back to who and what you truly are. Somebody that helps you connect with your heart.

We all get to remember the deep wisdom that can only be found inside of ourselves. A knowing that we, you and me, are infinite. Some might call it an eternal being of light, a soul, a spiritual being with a human experience.

Love yourself deeply on this journey of humanness!

LOVE, Joya

©Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change


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