Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

Dear One,

I remember it was months before my 40th Birthday when I overheard my then husband talk to a friend in Mt Shasta. “I” wanted to celebrate big. I realized they were talking about summiting Mt Shasta exactly the night before my special day.  Continue reading Changing Beliefs Can Move Mountains

Life Always Wants to Live

Dear One,

Life always wants to thrive.

Life’s purpose is to live, to create life, to grow, to re-new, to offer a second Chance.

As hard as my fire experience was and still is when I see the torched hills, LIFE kicked in again and new plants are growing now where nothing was before.  Continue reading Life Always Wants to Live

We Suffer When We Hold On

Dear One,

Who in this world has not experienced that? I signed up for 17 years of Letting Go, so I could eventually – gradually – systematically – patiently learn to open up to change with ease and grace. The tree never says, let me hold on to this leave or seed, it silently trusts the cycles and celebrates the new growth that it supports.

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From Sorrow To Joy

Dear One,

In the year 2000 I entered a phase in my life that is called ‘the Dark Night of the Soul.’ I experienced huge changes. Basically every identity I ever chose or believed in was challenged and removed from my life.

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The Only Way OUT is THROUGH

Dear One,

“The only way out is through,” my LA holistic chiropractor Eileen said to me with great compassion many years ago.

I am a tough nut. I signed up for a 17 year long Dark Night of the Soul.

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I’d Like To Acknowledge Your Loss

Dear One,

I’d like to acknowledge your Loss!

I am truly sorry! I am sorry that you have to go through such a dramatic event.

I have been there when my home, workshops space and office and all I owned burned in the Valley Fire in 2015.

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Welcome To This Blog Sanctuary

Dear One,

If you found this blog, you might have experienced a loss, maybe even a huge loss.

Your home burned in the recent wildfires like mine did in 2015. Maybe your home was flooded, consumed or dismantled by a hurricane or tornado.

Maybe you lost it because you could not make your payments. Maybe you lost a beloved one. You are going through a separation, facing the end of your marriage, got diagnosed with a difficult disease.

This Blog is a SOURCE for you. I will share all I have learned through my own journey of letting go and new beginnings. I will share inspiration,  helpful suggestions, practical tips and healing tools, so you can return to the safety of your – now broken – heart. Sooner than I did.

Please use me and share this information with family members and friends who are going through hard times of change. I also encourage you to share your comments or discoveries with us.

Sending tons of Love and Strength,


©Text by Joya P Gallasch/The Gifts of Change