I Got Freed From Everything vs I Lost Everything

Dear One,

When the Valley Fire hit my area, I did not know for a long time if my home was still standing. I kept investigating the Burn Maps, convincing myself that the line stopped right before my street. “You have done so much healing work with the land and in your home, it will be saved.” I told myself.

Well, it burned. Everything. The Fire was so hot that even my stove melted. Returning to the Disaster Site with all its toxic fumes and fine white grey ash that would get under your skin, was traumatic. Was hard. Was painful. Hurt.

I was overwhelmed. I wondered if I would wake up and realize all this was a bad dream. I was overwhelmed by everything. All the papers to file, and I did not even have insurance. All the places to go and sign up for help.

I was sad. Then I became numb.

One day I decided to write down all the thoughts I was thinking. I looked at them. And eventually I forced myself to come up with a positive transformative statement. I wanted to RE-WRITE this experience.

Everything I owned – burned. Including my garage with a lot of boxes and stuff.

I started to allow myself to feel a sense of freedom.

I imagined all my belongings sitting in a huge pile that I was about to carry on my shoulders. With all its heaviness. I could not.

Then I imagined myself FREE of all my stuff. I could get up. Walk away. Walk wherever I wanted to go. That sense of freedom made weep. I also realized that I was scared ~ about the possibilities. What would I create now? Anything was possible.

The Gift:

I know it’s not easy. Believe me. Take your time. Don’t rush. And when you are ready, connect with that sense of freedom. Feel the lightness. Know that your life has received a RE-SET. All is possible. What are you doing with the Fresh Start, this Rebirth? Are there any mistakes you would not want to repeat again?

I am curious ~ what does it take for you to believe that there is a sense of freedom when you let go of material belongings? How do you deal with it? How can I support you? Let me know…

sending tons of love, Joya

©Text by Joya P. Gallasch/thegiftsofchange.org

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