We Suffer When We Hold On

Dear One,

Who in this world has not experienced that? I signed up for 17 years of Letting Go, so I could eventually – gradually – systematically – patiently learn to open up to change with ease and grace. The tree never says, let me hold on to this leave or seed, it silently trusts the cycles and celebrates the new growth that it supports.

There is a saying, I saw it on a post-it on the fridge of friends – and I am paraphrasing: …”we suffer when we resist to be with what is.”

We suffer when we hold on.

We suffer when we hold on to the past.

We suffer when we hold because we don’t trust.

Trust that this is part of a divine plan. Life wanting us to move on, move up, move forward.

The Mind and the Ego loves to keep things as they are. It’s familiar. And in this familiarity, all is safe and small. It’s like living in a box.

Our souls however are expansive and full of vibrant potential.

“Imagine you are holding on to a butterfly in your hand, what would happen?” a dear friend asked me many moons ago. Well, we all know. It would die and could not spread her wings again.

Later on when I taught Relaxation to actors, I had them make a fist and hold it closed for a really long time. It started to hurt.

The same is true for any other holding on. It creates tension, pain, eventually suffering.

The Gift:

The Gift lies in the practice of trust. Blessing the Past. Blessing the Loss. Blessing the people, home, situation that you have to let go of. They are part of YOUR agreement to grow and to unfold your potential. They are your reminders, your teachers.

O sweet one, how could you let go today of something that is holding you back, making you small, causing you pain? What would it take? How can you trust your heart? Please let me know how you are doing with it?

sending tons of compassion, Joya

┬ęText by Joya P. Gallasch/thegiftsofchange.org

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