When Honesty Offers A Blessing

Dear One,

“After your call, your father and I sat on the sofa in the living-room and cried,” my mom shared with me at our first Family Dinner upon my arrival in Germany. I was so touched. Sometimes we don’t know how we offer unexpected blessings with our honesty.

It is so easy to mask. When you are asked: “How are you?” – to respond, “I am good, I am okay, I am well.” – although none of this is true.

It is so easy to get embarassed about our own level of vulnerability. What if the world judges my softness and sensibility as a weakness?

None of us learned in school how to be real and authentic, to share from the heart. Truthfully. Without getting lost in our emotions.

I know my mom easily goes into this place of worry and concern and that is the least thing I’d like to take her in.

At the same time I knew I had to tell her the truth. So I did. It was about a health condition and I admit I was scared and frightened. I did not pretend to have everything under the control. How could I being vulnerable? Why would I?

There is such a gift in being honest. Even if there are pauses – long breaks in the conversation. Instead of filling them, it is a blessing to breathe into it, the not-knowing.  This makes feeling helpless or powerless doable. Suddenly all of it has its place.

And from this place there can be an opening.

I gifted my parents a moment of feeling. It might have been their own fear around mortality. It might have been their love for their child. It might have been a moment in time where they dared to be honesty and not-knowing

Truth is: It was a precious moment.

And I am proud we all connected to this magic of life.

Beautiful One, please share with me one moment of truth and honesty you experienced? Did you feel courageous? How did it affect the field and your surroundings? I am curious.

sending tons of encouragement, Joya

©Text by Joya P. Gallasch/thegiftsofchange.org



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